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WAVE software

Big Data
Modern GPR systems produce a large volume of data, but useful information is sometimes hidden in details. To avoid loss of these details, efficient processing methods have to be used. Instead of downsampling the data, WAVE's priority is accuracy and the raw GPR data storage for precise rendering. The WAVE software ensures 100% use of the raw data for the most accurate and detailed calculations. Three key factors of the WAVE software are secured data storage, accurate positioning and operational efficiency for the 3D models rendering from the GPR raw data files.

While processing the raw GPR data files, it is critical to maintain the integrity of all recorded details as well as quickly calculate the results. The traditional approach involves downsampling the data during gridding and using basic statistical algorithms to reduce the data size, but with WAVE software it is possible to maintain data quality with high resolution without sacrificing computing speed.

Maintaining the required data quality goes beyond the resolution of time-slices. Modern big data processing techniques rely on fast but imprecise graphical transformations. It is important to be careful while converting bitmaps, as it can cause to lose the exact location of the data and distort the shapes of buried objects. Therefore, this method may lead to falsification of the representation of these objects. The WAVE software takes this into account and renders the GPR data while maintaining its accurate positioning.

Big data processing is a complex and time-expensive task. To overcome this obstacle, data downsampling or stacking is necessary, but it reduces the resolution. That's why the WAVE software is using the ultra-fast kriging algorithms, which achieve similar results without sacrificing important details.

Full Control
Instead of a single button setup, WAVE software allows users to control parameters to avoid potential misinterpretation of results. Users have full control over the 2D file processing process and the statistical algorithms used to render 3D results.

Quick responce
The process flow adjustment changes the result immediately in a real time. The WAVE software allows to create multiple versions of data volumes, seamlessly merging them to produce detailed results despite extensive data filtering.

Thick Slices
The WAVE's innovative Thick Slices technique allows users to examine multiple slices simultaneously. This feature is not available in other software yet. 

Wide Export Possibilities
The WAVE software has a wide export possibilities for the slices in different formats, including bitmaps, RAW data, geoTIFF, and ready-to-use PDF reports. This provides convenience and simplifies the process of data analysis.

Maps Support
The WAVE software uses geoTIFF, Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Map Service (WMS) maps. Both map and data layers are blended together during the output.

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